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country of Avante’s Festival and the April 25 Revolution

27/08/23 – 04/09/23

Participating in this trip allows you to achieve three objectives in a single movement: attending the Festival of the Avante, the largest Communist Festival in Western Europe and the largest political-
cultural initiative in Portugal; learn more about the history of the Portuguese Revolution and the PCP; enjoy the gastronomy, beaches and landscapes of Portugal.

  • Includes:
    • Accommodation in hotel with breakfast;
    • Train and bus travels;
    • Portuguese guide during the stay.
    • Permanent Entrance to the Festival of the Avante;
    • Travel insurance.
  • Does Not includes:
    • Travels in the Lisbon Region,
    • Entrances to Museums;
    • Meals.

August 27 to September 04

Lisbon, Setúbal, Grândola e Peniche

8 nights

Accommodation: 5 nights in Hotel and 3 in campsite

Travels: plane travel not included



  • Day 28 Arrival at Lisbon;
  • Days 29 Sintra e Cacilhas;
  • Day 30 Peniche
  • Day 1 Grândola
  • Days 2, 3 e 4 Avante´s Festival (Seixal)
  • Day 5 Return to Lisboa


August 28 – Arrival in Lisbon; Accommodation; Night Tour through Lisbon
August 29 – Tour to Sintra; Late Afternoon in Cacilhas; return to Lisbon from Cacilheiro.
August 30 – Tour to Peniche, Peniche Prision and Resistance Museum, the port and the famous
Caldeirada, beaches and Surf.
August 31 – Guided Tour of Lisbon and the iconic sites of its Revolutions. Visit to the Aljube Museum
(former fascist prision).
September 1 – Going to Grândola. Contact with agrarian reform.
September 2 – Going to the beach on the Costa da Caparica. Arrival to the Avante Festival, installation.
Festival starts at 5:00 p.m.
September 3 and 4 – Avante Festival: the stages, politics, culture, sport, gastronomy, the international
September 5 – Return to Lisbon.


  1. The tour from August 27 to September 4 to Portugal has a price of 350€.
  2. Entries can be made until the 20th of June, upon payment of 75€. The remaining payment must be made by August 15th. It is possible to choose for a single room with a suplement of 130€.

The price includes: Accommodation 5 nights in three star hotel in Lisbon in a double room with
breakfast; Accommodation 3 nights in the Campsite of Festa do Avante; Permanent Entrance to the
Festival of the Avante; Travel by bus Lisbon – Peniche – Lisbon; Train Journey Lisbon – Grândola –
Lisbon; Transfers from the Airport to the Hotel and from the Festival to the Airport. A Portuguese guide
during the stay.

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